Chocolate Tasting and Wine Pairing for 12

Chocolate Tasting and Wine Pairing for 12

Ethel M Chocolates in Henderson, NV

Ethel M Chocolates in Henderson, NV

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Here at Ethel M Chocolates, you will find deliciously fresh chocolates produced by our passionate Mars associates. Inspired by the kitchen of Ethel Mars, Forrest Mars Sr. created Ethel M Chocolates in his mother’s honor. Using her timeless recipes, Forrest’s vision of sharing fresh-crafted, small-batch, premium chocolates was born. Located in the heat and the heart of the desert, Forrest went to extraordinary lengths to produce our unique chocolates and fillings at his factory so that the quality of the chocolates would never be compromised. The craftsmanship and care required to create each batch of Ethel M Chocolates remains unchanged. The gourmet fillings and decadent chocolates are infused with a precise blend of love, art and science, and the result is always something magical. INCLUDES: - One Chocolate Tasting Box (includes 12 chocolates) Per Person - One Chocolate Bar Per Person (of their choice) - One Hour Virtual Instruction from Chocolatier - Wine Pairing List (wine not included) With this package, 12 guests from anywhere in the country will experience a live virtual tasting led by an Ethel M Chocolatier. Each guest will receive their tasting box complete with 12 chocolates, insulated tote bag, tasting mat, and pens prior to their scheduled event. A wine pairing list will also be provided so guests can pair it with the chocolate if they choose. At the agreed upon time, guests will enter the Zoom room, meet the Ethel M educator and begin the tasting. Shipping is excluded and is $12 per continental US address. Location: Henderson, NV Details: Chocolate Tasting and Wine Pairing for 12, Henderson, NV Restrictions: Subject to availability. Shipping is not included. Must book event date at least 3 weeks in advance. Certificate expires 12 months after event date. Valid: Valid for a wide variety of dates throughout the year

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