One Year Trial Membership at Cleveland CC

One Year Trial Membership at Cleveland CC

Cleveland Country Club in Shelby, NC

Cleveland Country Club in Shelby, NC

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Enjoy a Provisional Full Golf Membership for you and your family for one full year from the day you redeem your certificate. Nestled between the bustling city life of Charlotte and the serene mountains of Asheville in the heart of Shelby, North Carolina lies one of the area’s most historic country clubs. Established in 1927, Cleveland Country Club offers members and their guests a traditional private club experience with a unique blend of southern hospitality, charm, and genuine welcoming warmth. The redesigned elegance of the indoor dining room and the large outdoor courtyard with fire pits and couches create a friendly atmosphere where members enjoy simple traditions and community. Play golf at one of the best courses in the area or dive into the newly renovated resort-style pool! Whatever you choose, enjoy the genuine hospitality and community of Cleveland Country Club. PROVISIONAL FULL GOLF MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES: - Full Access to All Amenities and Services - Unlimited Golf, Swim, Tennis and Dining - Year-round Family-Friendly Social Events Cleveland Country Club is the gathering place of friends and family where the world is almost perfect. We invite you to discover the privilege of membership and be a part of a club experience that is better than ever. Location: Shelby, NC Details: One Year Trial Membership at Cleveland CC, Shelby, NC Restrictions: When the trial period ends, you'll have the option to continue your membership by paying monthly dues. Certificate expires 12 months after event date. Valid: Includes initiation and your first full year of dues!

A note from Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation: Thanks for supporting our SECOND annual golf auction raising money for our kids golf programs and raising awareness on skin cancer and prevention. Our unique golf programs provide a complete golf learning experience for kids ages 4-9 years old. Payne Stewart Golf Experiences advance Payne’s vision by creating new golf spaces that give more families with kids the ability to learn and play golf. This is the first and only golf learning program to combine fun, games-based play with modified, age-appropriate golf equipment and faith-based life skills curriculum. Thanks for your participation and good luck!

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