Nantahala Fully Guided Raft Tour for Two

Nantahala Fully Guided Raft Tour for Two

Nantahala Outdoor Center in Bryson City, NC

Nantahala Outdoor Center in Bryson City, NC

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Enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends at Nantahala Outdoor Center! This Fully Guided Rafting Trip is our most popular experience allowing you to feel the thrill of the Nantahala rapids with an NOC river guide. The crystal-clear Nantahala River is the perfect family-friendly river, and is an annual ritual for thousands of families! This fully-guided rafting trip allows you to enjoy delightful mountain scenery and playful rapids in the spectacular Nantahala Gorge, picking up bits of information along the way from your highly-trained guide. Your raft will splash through bouncing waves and spin on fast currents, while occasional calm spots give rafters a chance to soak in the forest, wildflowers and each other’s company. INCLUDES - Fully-Guided River Rafting Trip for Two - All Necessary Gear and Equipment This beginner's rafting trip takes 3 hours and is 8 miles long. Participants must be over 7 years old or weigh more than 60 pounds. All minors must be accompanied by an adult. Location: Bryson City, NC Details: Nantahala Fully Guided Raft Tour for Two, Bryson City, NC Restrictions: Subject to availability. Complete trip within 12 months. Certificate expires 12 months after event date. Valid: Valid May - October, not valid on weekends in June - August

A note from Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation: Thanks for supporting our SECOND annual golf auction raising money for our kids golf programs and raising awareness on skin cancer and prevention. Our unique golf programs provide a complete golf learning experience for kids ages 4-9 years old. Payne Stewart Golf Experiences advance Payne’s vision by creating new golf spaces that give more families with kids the ability to learn and play golf. This is the first and only golf learning program to combine fun, games-based play with modified, age-appropriate golf equipment and faith-based life skills curriculum. Thanks for your participation and good luck!

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